Legion Amarr Strategic Cruiser

T3 Cruiser Rebalance Incoming

The changes for the T3 cruiser hulls where long in the making. Now you can check them out yourself at the Singularity test server! But keep in mind those are not final and they might change something or anything at any given point.

Chance Ravinne

Chance Ravinne, CEO of the well known Corporation  WiNGSPAN Delivery Services and former member of the CSM10, took a closer look at the changes in a livestream. You can watch the capture (including a fish escaping his tank, a bit off topic and deep questions) on Twitch.

The most interesting part from my point of few is the change of the cloaking subsystem. It switched from the “offensive” category to the “defensive” subsystems. The possibility this offers is to actually get good DPS on a cloaky T3 cruiser – while sacrificing a strong tank. With the current options T3 cruisers are offering this is veeeeery difficult to do.

Also interesting are the faction specific bonuses already known from the T2 cruiser hulls. The Loki will be able to web from ~30km. With artillery fitted you can kite like a boss. Legions will have very strong neutralizers and NOS power meanwhile Tengus going to be ECM monsters. What Proteus is getting is a bonus on points and scrams.
And nearly all of their variants will be able to apply quite a bit of damage.

There is no date when the changes shall become active. On the EVE Updates page however, it is scheduled for this summer. Definitely something one can be excited about.

UPDATE 22.06.2017: Official forum post concerning T3 cruisers

UPDATE 13.07.2017: A record of the stream is now on Youtube.

UPDATE 15.07.2017: CCP Fozzie made a megathread with all the new stats for T3 Cruisers


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