Dealt With It.

It’s nearly as avoidable as the loss of a ship you fly around in systems below 0.5 sec-status:

Real Life. 

During the past weeks I was busy getting things straight and organised for the next semester.  To be honest, I didn’t expect that studying would take so much work organizing and managing time when I began. And suddenly after eight months at work, I had a social life besides EVE. What a time consuming hobby that is…
RL Move OP was a success as the in game one was. Nothing more in the way – except finding the time – to learn some PvP.

Well, I don’t want to bother this blog more than necessary with my RL-Problems. Fact is I’m going back to organizing myself now and make a plan for the future – including time to play EVE and feed this blog with some more interesting stuff.*
In  the meantime:

Fly safe.



*BTW: If you have any suggestions about things I should try out in EVE, let me know!

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