Recommendation: Watch These

en24_logoThere are a few websites that publish news, articles and more about EVE Online. One I found myself to read more or less regularly is EN24.

A weekly published format called “Watch These” where all kind of video content is collected, summarized and published in a single post is worth stopping by.

The spark which let me to write this recommendation is a video by Dartias Krawss who published a video titled “The Fall Of J233255” just a few days ago.
It tells the story of a wormhole eviction, initiated by the Corporation Horde Vanguard. It’s way of storytelling reminds on the old “Clarion Call” videos produced by Rooks and Kings.

Here is the video:

If I haven’t seen this great piece of work on EN24, I wouldn’t have known it existed.

Fly safe.



In the Recommendation category I share content from the web and the EVE community that I think you should see. May it be great artwork, a cool story, masterful gameplay or something completely different.

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